"What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it"
Gabriel Garcia Márquez


I was born in 1952. For more than thirty years I now live in Berlin.

During my career as a media consultant I discovered the enthusiasm for photography. In taking photos of nature or landscape I can realize my own ideas.

Until 2009 I used only analogue cameras – against all trends. Even today I often come back to my Minolta XD 7. Meanwhile I also discovered the advantages of digital photography, in which I present my photos without any digital post-editing.

My special passion refers to backlighting photography which comes to its own expressively in both landscaping photography and in poppy blooms.

Sometimes my photographs are connected to a story such in the cycle “Mystic moments in the  valley of Jelenia Góra”. I will present the photos of that cycle in April 2013 in an exhibition in Stonsdorf/Staniszow.

Since 2010 a new fascinating form of expressing is water color painting.

Both, photography and painting offer possibilities to me to express my thoughts and my emotions which I do not want to miss anymore in my life.